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The Lord will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory.  Isaiah 60:19

Fantastic Du Rags has patriotic themed doo rags, bandanas, welding caps.   Colorful patriotic themes, We the People, Love America, Flags, Stars & Strips  medical scrub caps both bouffant and skull and stethoscope, Doo Rag Skull caps, Each  Doo Rag, medical cap or scarf is handmade by a retired grandmother. 

Du Rags are one thickness with a flap to protect neck from being rubbed by helmets. Doo Rags are available with a cotton sweatband inside front band.  Both are great for cancer patients and Bike Riders, Even great under a cowboy hat. Human Bandanas are large squares approximately 27" x 27".  A Doo Rag  is handmade by a retired grandmother. 



Cooling Headbands


Fabric Fat Quarters

18 x 20


2 FQ = 1/2 yard

4 FQ= 1yard

Scrub Cap

Medical Scrub Caps


Coffee Bouffant

Bouffant Caps



Dog Bandanas

X-Small= $9.95 (toy dogs)         Small = $11.95 (small dogs)

Medium = $12.95 (cockers, Lapso, etc)      



Large = $14.95 (Labs, Collies)

X-Large = $16.95 (Rotweilers, Chows, Akita's)


If you want a bandana for a human they are a 27" square with hemmed edge 

  Human bandanas  $17.95    


Patriotic Eagles

Doo Rags  $16.95

       Stethoscope Covers $15.95

Welder Cap

Welder Caps Size Chart

Welder Caps Sizes  


God Bless America

God Bless America

Sold Out

President Trump




Old Trucks

Old Trucks

Old Trucks

Trucks N More


Volks & Trucks

Liberty & Justice><p>
		<font size=

Liberty & Justice

I Love America

America Last One

Eagles Fly High

USA Eagles Fly

Love America

I Love America

Flags Bouffant Cancer Cap

Flags Bouffant Cap Great for Cancer Patients


We the People doorag with sweatband Last One

America My Home

America My Home

Freedom Ring

Freedom Ring

Patriotic Eagles

Great Eagles

Patriotic Trucks

Patriotic Trucks

Love Family Doorag

Love Family  Last one

Stars Flages

Stars Galore

Doorags Home


Solution Graphics


Fantastic Doo Rags

Nampa Idaho