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I trust in you Lord; I say, "You are my God." My times are in your hands. Psalm 31:14-15

Du Rags has doo rags,cancer caps,scrub caps, welding caps.  Asian fabrics, Japanese prints, arts, & beautiful Amish prints.

Du Rags are one thickness with a flap to protect neck from being rubbed by helmets. Doo Rags are available with a cotton sweatband inside front band.  Both are great for cancer patients and Bike Riders, Even great under a cowboy hat. Human Bandanas are large squares approximately 27" x 27".A Doo Rag  is handmade by a retired grandmother. 


Blackhawk doggie doorag

Doggie Doo & Adult More Information


Cooling Headbands


Badge Holder

Badge Holder


Scrub Cap

Medical Scrub Caps


Coffee Bouffant

Bouffant Caps



Dog Bandanas

X-Small= $8.95 (toy dogs)         Small = $10.95 (small dogs)

Medium = $11.95 (cockers, Lapso, etc)      



Large = $13.95 (Labs, Collies)

X-Large = $15.95 (Rotweilers, Chows, Akita's)


If you want a bandana for a human they are a 27" square with hemmed edge 

  Human bandanas  $16.95    



Doo Rags  $15.95

       Stethoscope Covers $15.95

Welder Cap

Welder Caps Size Chart

Welder Caps Sizes  


Japanese Alphabet

Japanese Alpha Cream

Japanese Alphabet

Japanese Alpa Blk

Oriental Fans

Oriental Fans Green

Oriental Fans

Oriental Fans Blk

Manieko Neko Lucky

Manieko Neko Lucky

Japanese Art

Japanese Flower Burst

Japanese Bonsi

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens


Japanese Cranes

Asians Dragons

Cream Asian Dragons

Asian Dragons

Red Asian Dragons

Kokeshi Dolls

Pink Kokeshi Dolls

Green Kokeshi Dolls><p>
		<font size=

Green Kokeshi Dolls

Amish Covered Bridges

Amish Covered Bridges

Amish Hex Signs

Amish Hex Signs

Fantastic Doorags Home

Solution Graphics

Fantastic Doo Rags

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